Laboratory of Molecular Biosystems



 このように不思議な生き物の形作りのしくみの元となる設計図は、細胞内の核にある染色体中のゲノムDNAに描かれています。設計図は同じですが、細胞毎に個性があるのは、それぞれの細胞を構成する分子の発現(RNA, タンパク質, 脂質, 糖鎖など)が少しずつ異なっているからです。


Research Interest:
Role of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Development, Regeneration & Disease

Multicellular organisms including human beings need cell adhesion, communication and differentiation for their existence. The role of individual cells in the cellular society varies during development or regeneration. Cell adhesion also shows dynamic changes in these processes. In some diseases, disorder is caused by the disturbance of networks in the cell society resulting from the abnormal cell adhesion and communication. New molecular findings as well as evolutional insight will be important to understand the mechanism of cell adhesion (proteins and glycoconjugates). From a viewpoint of cell sociology, we investigate various biological phenomena and diseases.

Research Project:
  1. Cell Adhesion Molecules in Stem Cell Differentiation and Cancer Metastasis
  2. 4D-Tissue Engineering
  3. Stem Cells and Environmental Factors
  4. Development and Differentiation of Germline Stem Cells